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Wednesday, 30 July, 2014
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About GeorgiaWelcome to Georgia (საქართველო Sak'art'velo), known officially from 1990 to 1995 as the Republic of Georgia (2005 est. pop. 4,677,000), is a country to the east of the Black Sea, most of which is located in the South Caucasus, while a portion of the territory lies in the North Caucasus. A former republic of the Soviet Union, it shares borders with Russia in the north and Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan in the south, area 69,700 sq km (26,900 sq mi).

Georgia is an amazing cluster of cultures, religions, fascinating landscapes and ancient history. The country where everyone can find something to his liking - from snowy peaks to subtropical shores, from deserts to lush forests, from cities to enchanting villages. Ethnic Georgians constitute a majority of the population. The official language is Georgian, one of the oldest languages in the world. Tbilisi is the capital and by far the largest city.

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Forecast for today in Tbilisi: Sunshine and pleasant
Sunshine and pleasant
Forecast for today in Kutaisi: Sunshine and hot
Sunshine and hot
Forecast for today in Batumi: Sunshine
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A full day of sunshine
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Wed, 30 July, 2014
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Wed, 29 August, 2012

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Georgian NewsWednesday, 30 July, 2014 @02:00:56

Criminal charges against Saakashvili
The Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia has brought charges against ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, former Interior Minister Ivane Merabishvili; former Chief Prosecutor Zurab Adeishvili; former Minister of Defence Davit Kezerashvili and former Mayor of ...

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Georgian church against Kazantip festival
Kazantip, one of the largest electronic music festivals in the former Soviet Union, which was held in Crimea, Ukraine for many years, is planned to take place in Georgia. Due to the Russian occupation of Crimea, festival organizers decided to move the event to ...

Three people dead after a flood in West Georgia
Three Georgians died yesterday after a flood in the west Georgian region of Vani. According to the region's Governor Zaza Khurtsidze, the swollen Kvinistskali River washed away a bridge and a car with five passengers in it. Out of the five people, three have ...

The News in Brief
Committees will be able to work in the old parliament building in Tbilisi from September, Speaker of parliament Davit Usupashvili said on Saturday. “We have to improve our standards; committee working standards. Committees will be able to work in the old ...

Amendment to personal data protection in the works
The law about the Protection of Personal Data might be amended. Customers will be able to filter incoming SMS on their mobile phones while the companies will receive some sanctions for sending unsolicited advertisements. Deputy Inspector for Personal ...

Kaladze addresses public over two-hour blackout
Georgia was not supplied with electricity for two hours on July 27.The issue resulted in various comments directed at Minister of Energy Kakhi Kaladze. The opposition United National Movement was particularly critical of the current government in this regard.

Georgia increases import of Azerbaijani gas by over 17 percent
In January-June 2014, Georgia imported 737.240 tons of natural gas in oil equivalent in the amount of $151.06 million from Azerbaijan, according to the report of GeoStat (National Statistical Service of Georgia). Azerbaijan is the main supplier on this type of ...

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How to treat Russia
Relations with Russia have caused a constant rivalry between the Georgian Dream coalition and The United National Movement. The UNM is demanding that the government make a strong assessment towards Russia, when the coalition obviously intends to ...

Several US Senators Concerned over Filing Charges Against Saakashvili
Civil Georgia
Bringing criminal charges against former president Mikheil Saakashvili by the Georgian prosecutor's office “imposes unnecessary challenges in moving our relationship forward,” four U.S. Senators said in a joint statement. Republican Senators John McCain ...

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Saakashvili Comments on Bringing Criminal Charges Against Him
Civil Georgia
Former president Mikheil Saakashvili said that bringing criminal charges against him is politically motivated, which was done by ex-PM Bidzina Ivanishvili, whom he referred to as “Russian oligarch”, upon instructions from Moscow. In a post on his Facebook ...

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