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Wednesday, 23 July, 2014
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About GeorgiaWelcome to Georgia (საქართველო Sak'art'velo), known officially from 1990 to 1995 as the Republic of Georgia (2005 est. pop. 4,677,000), is a country to the east of the Black Sea, most of which is located in the South Caucasus, while a portion of the territory lies in the North Caucasus. A former republic of the Soviet Union, it shares borders with Russia in the north and Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan in the south, area 69,700 sq km (26,900 sq mi).

Georgia is an amazing cluster of cultures, religions, fascinating landscapes and ancient history. The country where everyone can find something to his liking - from snowy peaks to subtropical shores, from deserts to lush forests, from cities to enchanting villages. Ethnic Georgians constitute a majority of the population. The official language is Georgian, one of the oldest languages in the world. Tbilisi is the capital and by far the largest city.

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Forecast for today in Tbilisi: Very warm with sunshine
Very warm with sunshine
Forecast for today in Kutaisi: Sunny and warmer
Sunny and warmer
Forecast for today in Batumi: Plenty of sunshine
Plenty of sunshine
Forecast for today in Sukhumi: Brilliant sunshine and warmer
Brilliant sunshine and warmer
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Wed, 23 July, 2014
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Georgian NewsWednesday, 23 July, 2014 @23:11:54

Bill Cutting Maximum Term of Administrative Detention Passed with First Reading
Civil Georgia
Parliament passed with its first reading on July 23 a legislative amendment envisaging reduction of maximum term of imprisonment for administrative offenses from current 90 to 15 days. Georgia's justice system differentiates between administrative offenses, ...

American hospital in Georgia
A press conference was held at the Tbilisi Marriot on July 22 regarding the construction of a $60 million American hospital. The event was attended by businessmen Mamuka Khazaradze and Kurt Conti, also by Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy ...

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Calls grow for boycott of Israeli goods in Turkey
Calls are growing for a boycott of Israeli products in Turkey, with a number of professional associations urging consumers to refrain from buying goods from a list of companies prepared following Israel's recent Gaza operations, Hurriyet Daily reports.

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Azerbaijan leading in FDI
In the first quartet of 2014, Georgia received $260 million in Foreign Direct Investment. This figure is 15% higher compared to the last year. Meanwhile, Armenia enjoys $488 million in the same period. With 1.9 billion FDI, Azerbaijan is the leader. 1.6 billion ...

Georgian Railway announces revenue for first half of year
The revenue of the Georgian Railway JSC amounted to 232.4 million lari for the first half of 2014. This figure exceeds the same period last year by 8.4 percent, the company told Trend. The revenue from freight shipment grew 5.7 percent (9.4 million GEL) and ...

Ombudsman offers amendments to the law on public defender
Georgian Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili presented to the parliament a draft of amendments to the law on the Georgian Public Defender. According to the draft, the National Preventive Mechanism should be granted with the right to carry out photo and ...

Georgia changes its migration policy
Georgia is changing its open door policy, established by the government of former President Mikheil Saakashvili. According to the current policy there are no visa requirements for the citizens of many countries and those who need a visa to enter Georgia, the ...

International Parliamentary Conference in Batumi
International Parliamentary Conference was opened in Batumi on June 21, at the Sheraton Batumi. The conference will continue for two days. Its aim is to assess the progress of Georgia in the process of EU integration after the signing of the Association ...

Opinions vary over government re-shuffle
Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili's statement regarding the cabinet reshuffle was followed by controversial remarks. Georgian Dream representatives supported the changes. However, they spoke about the changes in a cautious manner. The United National ...

and more »

Winner takes all in Sakrebulo
The Georgian Dream coalition has revealed a poor political culture. The statement was made by an independent member of Tbilisi City Council Aleko Elisashvili, commenting on electing the Sakrebulo co-chairs and department heads. He stressed that even in ...

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