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Author: cipto junaedyAustralia http://jhon.trusted-guide.com/cipto-junaedy5 Apr, 2015 @21:04

ok no url address

Author: 4EVER ABKHAZIABosnia and Herzegovina 14 May, 2014 @16:06



Author: LolaUnited Kingdom http://loolagames.us18 Apr, 2014 @01:37

I love your county

Author: Full HD WallpapersGeorgia http://www.hdfullwallpapers.net5 Apr, 2014 @16:45

We have the best country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: P├ęterHungary 20 Feb, 2014 @21:31

God bless you Georgians!

Author: ThanGreece 8 Feb, 2014 @20:15

Hello,i would like to help me if somebody knows how...
1)i am Europen citizen,Greek,can i enter Georgia with national Greek id?
2)which is the procedure to marry with a woman there?what kind of documents i need?
it will be very helpfull for me if somebody knows for sure..
my email is athanasios1960@hotmail.gr
thanks a lot!

Author: GrantUnited Kingdom 24 Dec, 2013 @19:31

Hi Mike,
Very nice website. Particularly like the mixture of info not only amateur radio. Coming to Batumi to live as soon as my house in Turkey is sold. Have already been in touch with Mamuka 4L2M. Not on air in TR - 9 years no license in TR but have valid UK class A license. Hope to talk on air soon. Regards Grant G8BAG.

Author: LoolaUnited States http://loola.us21 Nov, 2013 @07:28

I am planning to visit your nice country

Author: robert bob lalasPhilippines http://healthinsurancemain.com2 Nov, 2013 @12:03

I enjoy this website, i learn a lot of new things in my study, having socialize to others and getting their different ideas.

Author: Jaiper FelicianoUnited States http://www.audience-response-service.com/22 Oct, 2013 @18:03

I love the Information... Great Blog Post...


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