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Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna

Deer - Sairme

Georgia's unusually rich geographical diversity is well reflected in its flora and fauna - a paradise for nature lovers, botanists and for tracing wildlife.

The country has between 4000 and 4500 species of vascular plants, of which around 15% are endemic to the Caucasus. Of these, around 300 are endemic to Georgia alone. Ten species of Peonies and five of the eleven species of Snowdrop in the world can be found.

Georgia is, without any doubt, a bird-watching paradise. It is the habitat for 360 species of birds, four vultures and eleven types of eagles. In addition, four endemic species can be seen only here.

The southern region of Georgia is especially rich in birdlife, including most of the highland raptors as well as the many wetland varieties.

The forests still cover 40% of Georgia's territory - home to wolves, bears, jackals, lynx and other predators. The mountain regions encounter many hoofed animals: roe deer, red deer, chamois, wild boar, wild or bezoar goat - and the endemic Caucasian tour, still found in herds high in the Greater Caucasus.

It's often overlooked that the common pheasant, found across Europe and North America originates from the Caucasian Phasianus Colchicus, named after the Phasis River - today's Rioni River in western Georgia. Later, Greeks and Romans brought it to Europe and beyond.

In 2003, a spectacular discovery was made: remote sensing cameras captured an adult male Anatolian Leopard in the Vashlovani National Park. This beautiful but critically endangered animal had been considered long extinct in Georgia.


Based on: Wikipedia - Geography of Georgia

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